Fundamentals for writing successful stories

Recently my works require developing a series of comic story for the children; I surf on the internet to learn how write a good story. From the sources, there are different ways recommended by the many experts in the world. Here are five essentials that a writer needs to consider when s/he writes a story: theme, characters, setting, problems and solutions.

Firstly, the writer needs to define a theme for the story. It is a viewpoint or the concept that a story is talking about. It is important to make the theme positive; and provides the morals and a critical principle that addresses the evolution and increase exploration of life in the human society.

Secondly, the writer has to identify the characters. S/he decides who would be a main and the supported characters. The main protagonist is usually having a prominent status and should be the readers. Each individual character has a set of profile including a physical trait, a favourite phrase and personalities.

Thirdly, the writer must also consider the setting.  This part is associated with the location and time that the story is going to take place. It will help him/her to predict the direction of the story, the events that might happen accordingly. The scene should also be familiar to the audiences’ context.

Fourthly, the writer starts creating the problems.  Problems should be created through different events and eventually leading to the major conflict. Problems should be created in such a way that hooks the readers. The conflict keeps the story moving forward and making it longer, easier and more complex. The serious conflicts with dramatic concerns would touch mind and heart of the audiences that put more interests in the story.

Fifthly, the writer offers the solutions of the problems. It resolves the conflict of the story, which can be positive or negative. But it is necessary to leave the audiences hanging at the peak. Finally, the writer chooses to end his/her story either sadly or happily.

In conclusion, a writer who writes a bestselling story follows critical elements that consist of the theme, characters, setting, problems creating and resolving. These are helpful tips to outline the story with logical flow from the beginning to the end.

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