Benefits of Understand Communication Styles

As an individual person we have different communication styles. We whether owned them since we were born or have developed while we have been raising. Understanding our personal style of communicating will help enhancing our social skills so that we can get along with others and gain more strong relationships. It requires more self-awareness in order to discover our communication styles.  When we observe regularly the ways we express our thoughts, feelings and actions when respond to the others; we will notice a pattern of communication styles.


Apparently, we might have one or more styles among the four basic style of communication. Those styles are including aggressive, passive, assertive and passive-aggressive communication. Each styles demonstrates with different characteristics and have both pros and cons. When we aware of our styles and other people style, we can adapt more readily and flexibly to the individual persons. We can make others feel more comfortable and confident while they interact with us. In short, if we want to be a better communicator and we want to win all kinds of situation; we must take time to practice self-awareness and learn own communication styles.

See example of communication style video.

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