Effectiveness of communication campaign

The term campaign is used widely for both commercial and social sector that refers to the intensive intervention with periodic given and aims to reach a massive people. An effective health communication’s intervention would create a huge impact for the behaviour changes. Designing and implementing a well branded campaign require practicing the certain process such as defining the clear behavioural goals, targeting the specific audiences, using the right communication channels and activities, and having the regular monitoring and evaluation.

The communication campaign must to have the cleat goals that promote the specific behaviours that design to achieve during the intervention’s duration. The public health campaign often to raise the awareness of a wide variety positive behaviours that are including the seat belt use, dietary change, medication use, exercise, dental care, social support, substance use prevention, family planning and use of health services and testing and screening for disease.

The most critical part of designing a successful campaign is to define the specific target group. Knowing the audiences is aware of the varied concerns, values, believes and behaviours of each population. This allows designing the correct messages that talk to them.

The good approach of communication is trigger. The messages can be delivered to audiences only when the appropriated communication channels are used and the interested activities are provided. The multiple media and comprehensive tactics spread widely and reach effectively to all segmented population.

Having a feedback mechanism is to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication campaign. The monitor implementation would make sure the plan is being followed that the campaign has the ability to respond promptly.  The evaluation would help to outcome and impact that campaign contributes.

In short, the commercial and social communication campaigns have good results if they are designed by following the above recommendations that are comprised of number of thing:-clear goals, well targeted audiences, selected right communication channels and activities and regular feedback system.

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