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About 17 years, I have been worked in the field of Information, Education and Communication (IEC), Strategic Behavioral Change (SBC), Public Relation and Media as well as digital marketing.

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I have been severed in technical, managerial and leadership positions and consultants with the local, international Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and the private companies.


I have been involved in designing, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating communication and media campaigns, program interventions and activities in Cambodia by using all forms of mass-media, public relation (PR), social marketing, social mobilization, traditional, interpersonal communications (IPC), and branded behavioral intervention programs and event management.

My core competency consists of crafting conceptual communication initiatives, proven effective media production, impactful communication tools and materials (printed, electronic, above & below the line).

Work in studio

I has a great talent for art-creative concept, graphic design, photography, documentary and also owns his proven techniques of excellent facilitation and training skills for all type meeting and training workshops and seminars.

The list below highlight the portfolio of my works and experiences in Cambodia over the past decade:

SMART KID campaign

Design and implementation of the educational campaign “SMART KID” targeting primary school children in 24-provinces throughout Cambodia. The campaign combined experiential campaign activities and a Facebook campaign to promote personal hygiene and issues related to neglected tropical diseases (NTD)


Design and implementation of the “MStyle” program which launched a series of campaigns to foster positive sexual reproductive health and safe sex practices among men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender individuals.

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The program employed several strategies to reach its target audience, including the development of a “MStyle” website, a Facebook page and experiential ground activities, such as special quarterly events and interpersonal communication activities. Combined, these activities helped ensure a very successful and popular program.



SMARTgirl is an FHI 360-led program aimed at preventing and mitigating the impact of HIV among entertainment workers living in Cambodia. The program provides peer education and social support, and improves access to HIV and reproductive health services. SMARTgirl treats entertainment workers respectfully and celebrates their positive qualities.

You’re the Man, Reality TV Show!

Design and management of the four-year long reality TV show/experimental and traveling road show called “You’re the Man” series which aimed to address negative male gender stereotypes.

Malaria Campaign

With support from the Global Fund through the Village Malaria Workers program, FHI 360 has trained people in 46 villages across Pailin province to provide malaria education, diagnosis and treatment. Village workers have provided malaria testing to 15,000 fever patients in these remote areas, and have treated over 3,600 patients for malaria.

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